Don't go again.

I think time I work as hairdresser is directly proportional to the time my blog is abandoning. It's because I am not able to blog, work and paint at same time. It's simply a question of time, my bad organisation of my own time.
So I won't say "it's my last chance", cause it's not. I will start this blog again and again. But this time I hope write at least one time a week.
I am the same who started this blog some years ago, my english still sucks, my hair has a different color every week, I'm a dreadful artist, I smoke and I try to skate.
So let's make this shit. Enjoy!
 Photo taken by my boy "JessCult"

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  1. Dear Lady Nuki.... I think your English is very good (you even speak it better and much more correctly than a Lot of the people of my town...
    And do not call yourself a "dreadful Artist"....I have see some of your works and you are quite "Talented" ( and I took over six years on Art classes....) Keep on believing in yourself, my Friend....
    Your followers care about you and I often catch myslef wondering ... I wonder how dear Lady Nuki is these days...
    Hang in there dear Lady... you do have "Friends" (internet and in your life cherish them)...

  2. This pretty much sums up my situation right now as well. I am, however, very glad you're not deleting this blog ^^ Good luck with the skating, it looks good!

    1. It's nice to know you like read my blog! I couldn't close up, it's my beginning xD Although facebook or instagram are ok... Blog always be special for me hahaha!

  3. Hope to see more posts from you, even though I know myself how hard it is to keep it updated especially when you have a job! It's been one of my concern those days, there is so much things I wish I could do but I just don't find the time to do them all and I wonder how people are dealing with this since I'm trying to be a superwoman with multi activitiesbut I'm just failing at it.

    + Your haircut is fantastic!

    1. I will fin time for bloggin and for watch your blog, love your pictures and your haircolor!


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