Be Prog! The Madness Day.

...Or how make a round trip to Barcelona in a day.
It is what it is. You're waiting a day, and suddenly arrives and is not as you would expect, neither better nor worse, just different.Sunday I saw for first time Sólstafir in concert, I loved, will not be the last time, I'll always repeat, I assure you. A great discovery for me were also The Ocean (The Ocean Collective), a brutal show, a really charismatic singer, just perfect, I add them for my list of "beloved music". And  because an eight-hour return trip was waiting us and Monday we had to get up early we couldn't see Mono and Riverside ... I'm really sorry for these last, cause I bought my ticket for them and Sólstafir, next time for sure.
I keep with the sound of Lion Sepherd and one and million time with The Ocean, with my dear Silvia, also Albert, my beloved Jesús and the beautiful Barcelona.
Cartagena is getting small for us... as my camera, I need/want something better,
any sugestion?


  Aðalbjörn Tryggvason

Svavar Austmann

Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson

(I couldn't caught the drummer).

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