Some random drawings from my sketchbook.

 Yo, me, myself.

 The beautiful Aida.


 I wanna fly.

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Hi!!! Fine, maybe lil' bit angry about my country and politicians hahaha But all ok! I am gonna try to come back to the block! And you? How are you?

    2. @ Hell Nuki
      Hello! Also I am angry about the elzioni in Spain and England and also for the situation in my country. As for me, I'm looking for work, and I try to go on!
      A big hug

  2. You create such nice images, dear Lady Nuki...
    Hello from Marshville... Really like the"style" used for the roses.
    And very nice "pen & ink" line-style that you use (...ours were always "sketchy" type lines) Your line have a "flowing" style in their rendition... Great pieces, and Thank you for sharing these with us... have a pleasant week..

  3. Hello from Marshville, dear Nuki... hope that all is well...


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